in her baby jimbei.
I love how people just hang out in their jimbies now because it’s summer and they can. 

in her baby jimbei.

I love how people just hang out in their jimbies now because it’s summer and they can. 

i spy

We were playing a game of I Spy on the trains. But simplified because the mini me’s English isn’t that great, so it was “I Spy, B” or “I Spy, Pink” or something like that.

He goes, “I Spy, this thing that’s kind of this shape and you press it and things get big, and foreigners have it.”

I was like, what the hell is that?

"You know, foreigners all have it, but not Japanese people."

He was talking about tablets!

Why did he say foreigners have it? 

His mother must have told him that. Like, he always plays with ours when he’s here and he must have been like, “why don’t you have one, they have one each,” and she said “gaijins have tablets but we don’t need one.”

Or something like that. Where else would he have come up with that? 

At least he’s stopped calling black guys “Bob.” His aunt and cute little girl cousin are black (mother from Kenya, cousin half Kenyan), so he never said anything about black women, but for some reason he kept doing that Bob thing. Probably because there are two big celebrities named Bob who are black that are on TV a lot. Either that or he learned it from someone.

This dumb TV show had this Japanese guy in a blond wig and big fake prosthetic nose acting all dumb, and we had to explain to him why that was so fucked up. I stretched my eyes out all thin and stuck my teeth out and and said, “how would you like it if you turned on the TV and some foreigner was going like that and saying, “I’m Japanese!” That would upset you, right?”

And before I could even finish the question he said yeah.


The mini me has started praising my cooking so much it’s making me shy.

I make some pretty awesome salads. And I finally found a salad he loves and can’t get enough of.

Spinach, and kewpie Caesar dressing. He ate the whole “salad” practically on his own, I hardly got any.

So much for my awesome complicated salads.

I’m taking him to the neighborhood jidokan (kids community center) tmrw to see if he can make friends with some neighborhood kids. I asked if he wanted to go and he basically said fuck yeah. I didn’t want to push things too much before because I thought he might wig with too much change too fast, but now I think it’s cool to have him spread his roots down in this neighborhood more.

Plus I’m all about using community shiz, since I pay so much in taxes!

When I was a kid I looooooooved the jidokan, I practically lived there.




George Takei describes the moment when he and his family were sent to an internment camp.

George Takei is an American hero.

Our chub chub at the river

Our chub chub at the river