Marlene Dietrich performs as Blonde Venus in the movie with the same name (Josef von Sternberg, 1932).

She was such a drag queen!

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 @brevis-lux said: When it’s your work, you stare at it so much that it’s easy for your brain to ignore or substitute mistakes. You basically stop seeing what’s there, it’s weird! That’s why fresh eyes are so important, they can catch the stuff that was overlooked.

 @outsiderinsider said: I had this girl who went on a job with me, and she was not a native E speaker. I was the writer and she was the videographer. I mentioned our editor for the project and she was like, why do you need an editor? You’re a native speaker, right?

Holla the writers in the house! That’s right, editors and checkers are very necessary.

It’s awful work though. Hat’s off to those that do it (I used to be an editor, what a thankless job that was).


When I was 45kg, I was all, “oh my god, I need to lose a kilo or two.” Even though I didn’t.

Then I got pregnant and at my highest I was almost 60kg.

Now whenever the scale hovers near 48kg I’m like, “awwwwwwwwwesome.”

This morning, I finally broke into the 47kg range. Let the angels sing!

I just don’t want to feel uncomfortable in my clothes anymore. I want to feel better about myself. I’m a mom now with basically no social life or time to dance, but I don’t want to be all dumpy and out of shape. At least not too much!

My husband doesn’t seem to mind though. He still thinks I look great for some reason. I think he likes thick girls. As in American thick. Not British thick, which means stupid. At least it did when I lived there.