Made falafels for dinner, plus all these sauces and stuff. 

He said, what the hell, this is totally vegan and vegetarian and I don’t feel like I’m missing anything. Usually when he eats vegetarian he feels like he’s missing something, he says. I said it’s probably because I’m not trying to make the food healthy or anything, I just don’t know how to buy or cook meat.

And that is the truth!

Whenever I buy meat he says I got the wrong stuff.

I am stuffed though. Seriously stuffed.

Baby had her six month check up today. The doctor did this weird thing where she put her shirt (that I just took off) on her face, and then when the baby took it off her face the doctor was like, “good job!” And then she laughed because the baby gave her a smirk.

Baby is average height, a little under weight, with a bigger than average head. With a lot more teeth than average (more time to get cavities), and she is a lot more active and crawly and standy than average. Which means a lot more head bonks! We came home and she had another one. And she cried and screamed in my ear while I held her to comfort her. Waaaaaaaa! Right in my ear.

They all learn to stand and walk and get their teeth eventually. Don’t know why she has to be in such a rush!

The big boss of the house.

The big boss of the house.


My mommy left this morning. She was sad, she cried. It was nice that she got to know her son in law and granddaughter and step grandson. And spend time with her sisters and stuff.

I was sad to see her go too. But she seemed very happy and healthy, so that was good.

She loved sparrow though. Loved her so much.