Yesterday the baby daddy was like, “I’ll watch the baby all day, I’ll take care of everything!”

He basically did. He made dinner and stuff. 

He did take a break to go skateboarding though, and came home bloody, bruised, and sprained. What the fuck! 

By the evening, he was like, “I’ve hit my limit, I’m exhausted.”

And guess what, he woke up this morning sick. And he never gets sick.

brains overheating

When I was in junior high, our English teacher gave us some random in class assignment where you fill in the blanks. I guess exercising our descriptive skills.

And one boy, oh my god I think I remember his name, Tom Hatfield (this was England). He described a room full of students sitting for an exam, and he said “it smells like,” and he filled in the blank with, “brains overheating.”

What a great description! But our teacher was like, “what does that even smell like?” And Tom looked a little sad.

It Happened One Night (1934) dir. Frank Capra

It Happened One Night (1934) dir. Frank Capra

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One good thing that’s starting to happen, is the mini me is starting to enjoy being read to, like novels and stuff, not picture books. If he could make the leap into reading himself, that would be great. If he likes the book enough, maybe he’ll pick it up and read it himself one day.

Anyways, I was reading to him at night, and I turned off all the lights so he’d go to fricking sleep, and was reading to him with my iphone flashlight. And he goes, “I like to sleep like this!” And I was like what, with all your toys around you? And he said no, like this, and he pointed at the covers, which he’d wrapped all over his head like a hood. He said, “because I usually sleep with my mom, this makes me feel like she’s here.”

That was a little weird to me, since he’s 10 years old and still sleeping with his mom. He doesn’t have his own room, dude. She needs to cut the cord.

This other mom I was talking to was saying how horrible it is that “westerners” make their babies sleep on their own from the beginning. Our sparrow sleeps with us because I can’t figure out how to get her to sleep on her own, but at 4 months, she’s gonna make the transition to her own bed. I might miss her little squishy warm body next to me, but I also miss talking to my man and having a relationship with him. Call me a weirdo, but I think treating your husband like he’s a piece of useless shit that’s always in the way is a lot colder than having your baby sleep on her own.